Yes! I’m Housewife

And I’m not useless.

‘Housewife, stay at home mum, house-maker’ whatever you call it. Even though you are Housewives but not useless.

See what Google says about Housewife. A married woman who take cares of family, kids, household things, and does household work.”

In my opinion Housewife is:

Housewife is a Manager – Manages house.

Housewife is a Teacher – Teaches Kids

Housewife is a Care Giver – Take care of elders and family members even dogs.

Housewife is a Relationship Manager – Take care of every relationship very efficiently.

And obviously Home Minister – As she manage the home efficiently.

And so on….her job is 24×7 non-stop, without any expectations……

what is housewife?

Who is Housewife?

Why I’m starting this platform?

I’m not going in the traditional debate on men vs women, I’m not going to organize rallies, I’m not going to give you updates on Daily Soaps and serials, I’m not going to talk about rapes, sexual harrasments, saas-bahu dramas, receips. I’m aim is to make you all financially independent in most efficient and easy ways.

Billions housewives and their common questions, queries, issues, and problems. They want to learn, earn, help their families, their husband, don’t want to become dependent on other person for decisions, etc. But how?

I at IMH – I’m Housewife will try to help and address such questions. I will help them understanding the concepts, ideas, challenges, about the internet world and how they can make enough money to buy at least groceries, b’day gifts for their husbands (won’t he be surprised if you do that). I will guide them for their ideas and discuss it openly so that other ladies can get benefits. I will try to make them happy by providing good doable tips so that they can deal with these type of questions easily.

I will also accept guest posts on housewife, their thoughts, success stories absolutely free.

Common Queries/Questions Found on Internet about Housewives

While reading it’s not strange if you come across following type of questions. But we together will findout the answer to these questions.

Why stay at home mums don’t get respect?
Am I useless housewife?
Can I be a housewife without feeling guilty about my choice?
Are working women more respected than housewives?
I am a housewife and wants to earn for my family?
I am housewife and want to go out and work. How can I convince my husband and family members?
I’m housewife and want to help my husband financially?
I am a housewife. How can I work from home?
I am a housewife. How can I continue my studies?
I dislike being a housewife

So, let’s teach each other.

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